Being in the health and wellness industry for 10 years plus, I’ve truly discovered that our bodies really are an excellent way to reconnect with our hearts and minds.

Swedish Massage: accommodating to every client, this is a standard for relaxation and realignment. With the use of fluid strokes and stretches, this treatment is designed for restoration and a moment of peace.

Deep Tissue Massage: this treatment is designed to target those kinks and knots that have made themselves comfortable in your life over time. Those habitual annoyances that finally need to be taken care of. We’ll work together with your pain threshold to get down to the bottom of the barrel with deep holds, elbows and a variety of techniques to loosen that connective tissue and remind those muscles where they need to be.

Sports Massage: created to maximize range of motion, joint mobilization and stimulation for the circulation of blood, oxygen and lymph fluids, this session focuses highly on the prevention, restoration and rehabilitation of the active body.

Perinatal Massage: covering the spectrum of weeks prior and after giving birth, this treatment is catered for a pregnant and postpartum individual that has found themselves accepting being taken care of before and after they care for a little one themselves. It includes tools used for your growing comfort and techniques incorporated for any complications that may have risen during your labour. This also covers induction massage where Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points are used to present to the child the option of exiting the womb within a swift matter of time. Infant Massage upon request*

*Certified in Infant Massage - this session includes more instruction for the parent rather than a traditional hands-on massage.


There will be a 24 hour cancellation no refund fee for massages services. And a 48 hour no refund policy to reschedule.

**For a list of services I am certified and trained in please click here.