IN•TE•GRI•TY was founded ten years ago by creator Marielena Gomez when she graduated from Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences for Massage Therapy. Having practiced Vinyasa Yoga for thirteen years during that time, her awareness of the physical body and its attributes to the wholeness of ourselves as complete beings amplified. She became a certified DONA International Birth Doula after training in 2015 with home birth and hospital experience throughout the boroughs. She was enlightened in how marvelous birthing bodies can be and with her own childbirthing experience shortly after, realized her passion is to help others feel complete. With investing into a more holistic lifestyle, she also studied creative writing and photography in college and has been published in LA’s Latin magazine “Palabra”, and other various literary reviews. Marielena organically integrates TCM, Ayurveda, and other alternative practices into her bodywork and creative work and has been a practicing a vegan, plant-based lifestyle since 2004.