Birth Doula


1. Meet & Greet:

For potential clients to feel most comfortable, an initial meet and greet is setup. Here we develop a sense of one another and if its a good connect.

My clients and I can develop an early repertoire and build a foundation so everyone involved in the upcoming birth feels familiar with one another. I find this quickly develops a good relationship with the client and their family and from this, the appropriate amount of concern and care can be given.

In this we go over: contracts, any additional help/services needed, concerns and any questions. Once it is agreed that I assist in being your doula, we’ll have one more session to go over any other details that are necessary for your experience ie, birth plan, etc. A pre-birthing session where I can to your home or visit your place of birth and go over the basics of what may happen on the big day, the days leading up to and after as well.

2. Labour & Delivery:

From the moment your birth doula decision is made. I will be in close contact with you via any form of communication you prefer best.

Any odd questions? I’m here to help. Any weird/serious/funny things you need to discuss? I’m here to help. And from the moment you feel you need me by your side due to the sensations of labour arriving…I’m already there!

With experience in a variety of settings, to help you labour along in a variety of positions (whichever truly feels most comfortable for you), I will be your advocate in whatever feels best for you during that time.

As a doula, I am here to be the emotional, mental and physical support for the birthing family.

3. Postpartum Realness:

After birthing a child, you may or may not need some assistance just trying to circumvent with your life again. Immediately after birth, I will assist in any last minute on-goings for the family as they make the transition from birth.

For 1-2hrs afterbirth, I will help with getting the house in order, making sure the baby has a good latch, making sure the birthing person and partner both feel nourished not only physically but emotionally, and then quietly exit out to leave the family to themselves in all their glory.

A week to ten days later, a visit will be planned and any sort of house chores, sibling caring, Q&A, etc will be addressed. I want to make sure everyone gets off on a good start, and then I depart leaving blessings and often gifts for the family.